VirtuOx launched HSATpro in 2022 to help sleep professionals start and scale home sleep testing services. HSATpro is a cloud-based software-as-a-service platform that enables sleep professionals to manage their home sleep testing operation. Testing-as-a-service outsourced functions are also available for fulfillment, patient support, report interpretations, and more. 

VirtuOx HSATPRO automates many of the manual touches sleep providers make using native software from the manufacturer, such as testing workflows, shipping/receiving, inventory management, patient notifications, and interpretation.

It shows sleep professionals ​​their home sleep testing metrics, pending and completed tests, pending and completed interpretations, inventory on hand, and more. HSATpro users can view metrics by location or the entire organization.

HSATpro software was built using the same technology and functionality as the proprietary platform VirtuOx uses to manage its own home sleep testing operations. This includes operational workflows, dashboards and reporting tools, a physician interpretation portal, and more.

​​HSATpro is priced at a monthly fee.