Signature Sleep Services (Sleep 960) will integrate its SleepScreener Web-based sleep screening and referral application with the LabRetriever™ sleep EMR platform from SleepEx.

The integration will allow sleep patient referrals generated by SleepScreener, along with demographic and insurance information, to flow directly into the LabRetriever sleep lab management database.

The combination of these two Web-based applications will provide a direct electronic referral path into an EMR, eliminating redundant data entry. The joint systems also will save time with the referral process and reduce errors associated with manually entering patient information.

According to Sleep 960, integrating SleepScreener with LabRetriever also will provide a pathway into SleepLinkz, a new Sleep Medicine Delivery Platform currently under development by the company. This will allow LabRetriever to connect with a variety of sleep-related software applications and medical devices all sharing a common API connection. Patient information and data files transfer between the applications, increasing workflow efficiency and significantly reducing staff overhead.

“We feel this is a big step in the right direction integrating SleepScreener with a well-established and comprehensive sleep EMR platform such as LabRetriever,” said Michael Clark, VP of Sales and Business Development for Sleep 960. “Sinking reimbursement rates are forcing sleep centers to closely monitor their bottom line, so linking these applications will provide an effective way to generate patient referrals and manage the overall operation in more efficient manner.”