The ATS Foundation now offers a new ATS Foundation/ResMed Research Fellowship in Sleep-disordered Breathing and PAP Therapy.

The award will provide funding for two years in the amount of $100,000, provided by ResMed.

“Sleep apnea is a very common disease with significant morbidity and we need to learn so much more about how to diagnose and treat it most efficiently,” says Richard Schwab, MD, medical director of the Penn Centers for Sleep Disorders at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center and chair of the ATS Scientific Advisory Committee, in a release. “Thus, we are very excited that the ATS and ResMed have partnered on a new two-year research fellowship to study sleep apnea and positive airway pressure. Such grants provide funding for the future leaders of the sleep field and will help patients who have sleep apnea.”

Carlos M. Nunez, MD, ResMed chief medical officer, says, “This award can help shine a brighter light on sleep apnea—a public health crisis—and PAP therapy’s role in addressing it worldwide. When 85% of people with sleep apnea still aren’t diagnosed, ResMed is proud to support any research effort to accelerate finding, testing, and treating them so they can enjoy a full night’s rest, better overall health, and a significant reduction of life-threatening risks.”

The two-year funding period is from December 2018 through December 2020. Applications will be reviewed by the ATS Scientific Advisory Committee for their scientific merit, innovation, feasibility, and relevance to sleep-disordered breathing and PAP therapy.