Dental sleep medicine service provider Nierman Practice Management launched a new package in June 2016, which includes DentalWriter Software, medical billing services, and narrative report writing software.

Nierman Practice Management specializes in medical billing for dentists treating sleep apnea, TMJ disorders, and oral surgery such as bone grafts and certain medically necessary dental implants. With the new package, dentists can review claim examples and CrossCode from dental to medical billing codes.

“The Dental Sleep Efficiency Package, with DentalWriter including the billing service, allows dental practices to efficiently implement medical billing in dentistry by utilizing DentalWriter software to stay organized and generate the essential narratives and documentation. When the practice chooses to outsource the billing, Nierman’s service eliminates the leg work of procuring the medical reimbursement for sleep apnea and TMD appliances and medically necessary oral surgeries,” says Rose Nierman, founder and CEO of Nierman Practice Management, in a release.

The company unveiled the Dental Sleep Efficiency Package during the 25th Annual American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (AADSM) meeting in June.

The value of the combining both DentalWriter with the medical billing service is the seamless flow between two solutions, the company states. Whether it’s a sleep apnea or TMJ disorder or oral surgery, a questionnaire and exam data is entered electronically into DentalWriter, and from there, the medical billers take over, accessing DentalWriter remotely to generate the necessary documentation the medical insurance companies want and need. The medical billers handle the claim from start to finish including from pre-authorizing, verifying benefits, and filing the claim.

The Efficiency Package is also available as a TMD module, a comprehensive dental sleep, TMD, and oral surgery/implants efficiency package for dentists billing medical insurance.