SleepOvation and SleepOvation Baby—known for research-based, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-listed sleep products including mattresses and pillows for babies, children, and adults—is rebranding under the collective brand identity Kiwi Sleep. 

The initiative, which includes a refreshed, unified visual identity, updated website, and social media platforms, represents the brand’s next stage of growth and its mission “to support a restorative, safe, and pain-free sleep experience for the whole family,” according to a release from the company.

“This rebrand is reflective of our evolution as a full-family brand and better communicates our core values. It also allows us to provide a more seamless shopping, educational, and interactive experience for our customers,” says Richard Codos, CEO and founder, in a release.

Its refreshed name, Kiwi Sleep, is anchored by the kiwi fruit and its proven health, wellness, and sleep benefits, as well as its playful and vibrant attributes. Under the new Kiwi Sleep brand name and tagline “Dreams Start Here,” the identity refresh includes new logos and submarks, friendly typography, and a tranquil kiwi, cream, and turquoise color palette. The brand voice and positioning now integrate both product lines.

The brand launched its breathable, pressure-reducing mattresses for adults in 2017, followed by pillows in 2019. Its FDA-listed dual-sided crib and toddler mattress launched in 2022. The patented design is engineered to alleviate harmful pressure on the head, which can cause bruises, sores, and physical deformities such as plagiocephaly in infants by distributing the high spot forces over a larger portion of the baby’s head.

The adult and crib mattresses both feature an independent system based on a cushion pocket technology that also combines lumbar and pressure point support while supporting breathability for airflow and comfort. 

Rebranded products are now rolling out nationwide, and the new website and social media platforms are live.

Photo credit: SleepOvation