From the sleep habits of children to the workforce, a Yibada report details the results of a new survey on the sleep trends of people in China.

In China, children from ages 7-16 are most likely to stay up late surfing the Internet, according to a World Sleep Day survey.

The World Sleep Day was held last March 21 to promote awareness about insomnia.

The survey, launched by a local mobile social media platform, indicated that children are often holding onto mobile phones or tablets right before bedtime.

Xu Zhifei, a doctor at Beijing Children’s Hospital, cites that this level of insufficient sleep might “hinder the development of their cognitive and study abilities.”

In Shanghai, authorities have decided to push the time that school starts to eight in the morning. Following this shift, improvement in the students’ study abilities has been reported.

Children in China are not the only ones affected by sleeping problems, as the China’s workforce also face the same. People working in the PR, media and gaming industries rank top among those who stay up late, followed by workers in animation and investment fields, says the World Sleep Day survey.

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