The think tank Terra Nova says French businesses should encourage their staff to take an after lunch nap to boost productivity, reports the National Post.

Even as Spain moves to kill the siesta, a leading Gallic think-tank says French businesses should encourage staff to take a post-lunch snooze of 15 to 20 minutes, insisting that it boosts productivity.

A fifth of the nation’s workers nod off in front of their computer anyway, usually after the midday meal, a study for the think-tank, Terra Nova, found.

One of the authors of the report, called “Catching up on sleep, a public affair,” told the Europe1 radio station that employers should provide napping rooms.

“All that’s needed is a calm room where you can turn off the strip lighting and come out refreshed,” said Jean-Pierre Giordanella. “We realized that this simple practice improves work efficiency and reduces absenteeism.”

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