Matt Berg discusses how a Notre Dame course on sleep led him to the idea of Somni, a platform designed to improve health through better sleep, according to The Huffington Post.

As a senior at Notre Dame, I enrolled in associate professor Jessica Payne’s course, “The Sleeping Brain.” Immediately, I was struck by two things: First, just how much the brain does while we sleep, and second, the fact that I was doing virtually everything wrong when it came to this extremely important part of life. Far from a passive state of rest, the brain is incredibly dynamic while you sleep, especially the areas used to consolidate memories, process emotions and “encode” new information into insights and connections that we use every day in work, school and life. Yet I was the poster child for the typical college student’s sleep life: pulling all-nighters, using aids to stay awake, looking at electronic devices in bed and other bad habits that were robbing me of the time the brain needed to put to use the information I was receiving in classes.

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