A group of students in Verona, New Jersey,  researched the effects of sleep and lack of sleep on the human brain, reports NorthJersey.com.

A group of Verona students got an early start to studying later openings for the local high school going forward.

As part of Jessica Schram’s psychology class, Verona students researched the effects of sleep and lack thereof on the human brain. The students then wrote letters about their findings and sent them to school officials, and the Times, as part of the assignment.

Verona High School will move its start time from 7:55 to 8 a.m. next year. A later start can benefit students, as Verona’s Tycjana Konopka wrote that sleep deprivation is taken too lightly.

“As I am writing this letter during the administering of AP exams, I am experiencing the negative effects of sleep deprivation,” Konopka wrote. “I have been studying hard for my exams and only getting around five hours of sleep every night.”

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