A Highsnobiety report provides details on the ZEEQ Smart Pillow, a combination Bluetooth speaker, streaming service, and sleep tracker.

Many of us are often sharing our bed with a partner who may not take kindly to tune-age during nighty-night time, and even if you find yourself alone, sleeping with headphones is punishingly uncomfortable. Enter the ZEEQ Smart Pillow, here to literally make your dreams come true.

The ZEEQ is no ordinary pillow, far from it. It is a combination Bluetooth speaker, streaming service and sleep cycle tracker/enhancer. It does indeed play music, but at low enough frequency where one can only hear it from a specific vantage point while laying down. It can also play tracks from your iTunes or Spotify, which means that you can indeed now make custom sleep playlists that last the length of a full night’s rest. And on top of all that, it processes subtle vibrations that will subconsciously get you to adjust positions, thus enhancing your sleep.

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