A Daily Mail article details the Sleep Shepherd Blue, a headband that plays binaural beats at different frequencies to  lull the user into a deep sleep.

Whether you struggle to doze off, rise early, or get up throughout the night, your sleep patterns can have a major impact on your mood.

Engineers in Colorado want to bring some normality to these patterns with a headband designed to lull people into a deep sleep.

Called Sleep Shepherd Blue, the band plays ‘binaural beats’ at different frequencies into each ear that have been proven to induce a meditative state.

Once the brain relaxes, it is easier to fall to sleep and stay asleep.

Studies have also claimed that the beats can train a person’s brain to become better at relaxing, therefore boosting the chances of getting to sleep even without the band.

Sleep Shepherd Blue was invented by mechanical engineer Michael Larson, found of Colorado-based firm MindRocket.

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