A new program called Newborn Nest aims to provide new Tennessee families a safe sleep environment for their infants, reports WATE.com.

Prevent Child Abuse Tennessee and the Tennessee Department of Health created a new program to prevent sleep related infant deaths.

Newborn Nest provides a safe sleeping environment to infants. The box is able to be moved to any room. The organizations hope vulnerable families will use the nest until the child grows out of it. Families are provided a mattress, sheet, pacifier, sleep sack, onesie, burb cloth and a wash cloth with each nest.

“PCAT is always looking for new strategies and resources to provide our families in order to prevent child abuse. We see the Newborn Nest pilot as a wonderful opportunity to meet a basic need for our families with newborn babies. It’s one more way we can help support parents as they try to create safe environments for their children to grow up,” says Kristen Rector, President and CEO.

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