The results of a Canadian study on teens and the effects of sleep deprivation is discussed by CBC News.

A Saint John sleep specialist says parents and teenagers have to work together to ensure sleep deprivation does not become an issue in their lives.

Dr. Rachel Morehouse, a sleep expert and professor of psychiatry at the Saint John campus of Dalhousie University, recently led a nationwide study of the effects of sleep deprivation and shared the results with CBC’s Information Morning.

“The theme is basically teenagers using social media, smartphones and computers into the late evening and early morning hours are missing out on a significant chunk of sleep, are having trouble getting up and going to school, are underachieving in school and are suffering from things like depression and anxiety,” said Morehouse.

Results concerning

Morehouse said countries around the world are studying the effects digital technology is having on adolescents and adds the results are concerning.

“I’m kind of worried about it and have been worried when I’ve been talking to teenagers in the clinic.”

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