Four students from India have developed new software designed to prevent drowsy driving accidents, reports the Times of India.

Four youngsters have come up with a software that will prevent people from falling asleep while driving.

Kiran Tawari (21), Vaibhav Mahangare (24), Rupesh Naik (22) and Vivek Biradar(22) are final year students of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering at Indira Gandhi College of Engineering, Navi Mumbai.

“The idea of making the software came to me when I was travelling with my family and my dad who was driving started feeling sleepy,” said Biradar.

The quartet got together and made the technology in a year. “In the first six months we read journals and got information from the internet. In the next six months we did various tests,” said Naik.

Explaining how the system works, Mahangare, who is also a passionate dhol player, said, “A camera first checks if the person has put on the seat belt, then when a screen displays ‘OK’, the engine of the car starts. While the person is driving, the camera keeps a track on the eyes and as soon as it detects that the eyes are closing more often an alarm rings in the car, the seat of the driver starts vibrating, parking lights get switched on and the car starts slowing down.”

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