A Healio news report indicates increased activation of blue light photosensitive ganglion cells after cataract surgery has little effect on circadian photoentrainment.

Patients who underwent cataract surgery and had no prior sleep disturbances or ophthalmic disease participated. They were examined 1 to 4 weeks before surgery and 3 weeks after surgery.

Study results were determined by pupil responses to red light (PIPR) measurements, actigraphy, salivary melatonin concentration measurements and subjective sleep quality. The mean PIPR increased to 24% at 3 weeks postoperatively (P < .001), and no significant difference was discovered between patients with blue-blocking vs. neutral IOL.

Onset levels of melatonin increased also but did not reach a significant level of difference. Mean visual acuity before cataract surgery was 0.35 logMAR and increased to –0.03 logMAR 3 weeks postoperatively.

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