Experts warning that a combination of a lack of sleep and eating at night to sustain energy levels could be harmful, reports Channel NewsAsia.

Dr Chong Yaw Khian, a Senior Consultant with Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Sleep Disorder Clinic, said the effect of watching sporting events late at night could result in short-term sleep deprivation, which is different from people who are chronic insomniacs for example. But sports fans will still develop a “sleep-debt”, which the body will try and repay by dozing off throughout the day.

Cognitive abilities can also be affected. “This refers to the functioning capabilities of the brain-rationalising, making judgment calls, decision-making processes, calculation and awareness”, Dr Chong said. “All these processes are impacted. People may struggle to attend meetings, they may struggle with some short-term memory recollection. And they might also seem irritable and ‘short-fused’.”

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