“Catchin’ Your Zzz’s: Sleep, Stress, & Students Success” was a workshop recently held at Santa Rosa Junior College that aimed to to help students cope with stress and learn more about sleep, as reported by The Oak Leaf.

The workshop was designed to help students cope with stress, learn more about sleep and possibly pick up new study habits. It was a timely workshop for students, considering finals are right around the corner and students tend to be stressed.

Upon arriving at the workshop, students signed in, put on a nametag and received an evaluation sheet, each different colors. They then grabbed some chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese sandwich while they waited for the workshop to begin.

PEERS members began the workshop by introducing themselves and explaining the concept and flow of the workshop. The event organizers then split the students up in groups, based on the color of their evaluation sheets. Each group spent about 15 minutes at each of four stations.

“We chose this topic, sleep, stress and student success and the interactions between those, because we’re students too,” said PEERS member Jackie Barr. “We understand this time of the semester is towards finals and maybe you’re noticing you haven’t kept up with everything, so now you’re getting ready for finals and getting ready for the end of the semester.”

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