A report from The Daily Beast examines the growing trend of sleep music, or music designed to help you sleep, and the science behind how it works.

Entrepreneurs recently developed a pillow that plays music while you sleep. You can program it with your smartphone, and it comes equipped with a host of special features—including data analysis of your “snore score.” The pillow has its own playlist, but you can also create a personal mix of tunes to snooze by.

The developers of Zeeq (as the product is called) have raised $325,000 via Kickstarter to fund mass production of their musical pillow. Zeeq, they proclaim, “is not just another device or accessory, it is an active participant in your sleep.”

I give these inventors credit. They are launching their product at a moment when the market for sleep music is starting to stir. In recent months, I’ve encountered a surprising number of creative projects targeted at an unconscious audience.

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