The  startup company SNOOZ is developing a white noise machine designed to improve sleep, as reported by Cult of Mac.

A startup called SNOOZ has developed a white noise machine based on the premise that quiet rooms make our hearing acuter. The breeze-like sound coming from its machine will provide a gentle buffer between you and sudden startling sounds.

Can’t seem to buy a good night’s sleep? For $49 on Kickstarter, the SNOOZ promises to turn the bedroom into a “haven for sleep.”

The SNOOZ team, which is trying to raise $100,000 to ramp up production, sites a survey of 2,100 people who found some sort of sound conditioner to be more effective that over-the-counter sleep aids.

The round SNOOZ device has a fan powered by a brushless electric motor that produces a peaceful sound without disturbing the air. It does not have the roar of a box fan, but does contain a volume control that can also be set at a level safe for a baby.

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