New research from the University of Montreal shows the connection between sleep and learning and improving motor skills, The Health Site reports.

New research has provided great insights into the role of sleep in learning motor skills requiring new movement sequences.

According to scientists at University of Montreal, the regions of the brain below the cortex play an important role as we train our bodies’ movements and, critically, they interact more effectively after a night of sleep. ‘After a night of sleep, we found that brain networks were more integrated, that is, interaction among these regions was greater when consolidation had occurred,’ said Karen Debas, a neuropsychologist at University of Montreal. A network refers to multiple brain areas that are activated simultaneously.

According to Debas, a night of sleep seems to provide active protection of this network, which the passage of daytime does not provide. ‘Moreover, only a night of sleep results in better performance of the task,’ Debas added.