What happens to your face when you experience sleep deprivation? A new video from Buzzfeed explores just that, as Medical Daily reports.

Sleep is one of the three pillars of health, with the medical understanding that sleep is of equal importance to two other key aspects of health: adequate nutrition and regular exercise. In BuzzFeed’s newest video, “How Does Sleep Affect Your Face?” four men and women describe their sleeping habits and then undergo a transformation that ultimately changes their mind on making sleep a priority.

In the video, the participants report clocking between three to five hours of sleep each night, which, according to the National Sleep Foundation, doesn’t cut it because adults need at least seven to nine hours of sleep. With nearly 30 percent of Americans sleep deprived, it’s important to raise awareness on, not only how it can affect your appearance, but also how it affects your day-to-day life and long-term health consequences.