Having a hard time keeping track of the latest efforts to “repeal and replace” Obamacare? NBC News has a guide.

The terminology can be difficult to follow, starting with the now-ubiquitous phrase “repeal and replace.” Adding to the confusion is that Trump often makes statements that appear to contradict past Republican health care proposals, either on policy or on the procedure for enacting them, while Republicans insist that no such contradiction exists.

Examples include Trump’s twin promises of “insurance for everybody” and “much lower deductibles;” his stated opposition to any cuts to entitlement programs; and his demand that Congress pass a replacement for Obamacare “simultaneously” with its repeal.

The result is a lot of disagreement over what these various phrases mean, with some experts warning that they are boxing Trump into promises a GOP-authored health care plan can’t realistically keep. At the same time, many Republicans argue the terms Trump uses are just a different way to articulate the same shared goals. There are parallels to the 2013 immigration debate, where legislation was bogged down by battles over what common terms like “amnesty” and a “special path to citizenship” actually meant.

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