Poor sleep might make you sluggish during the day, but Be Well Buzz reports on the other ways it can impact not just your body, but your work, too. You might want to share this article with patients who feel like their sleep habits interfere with their work.

As an American society, we burn the candle at both ends more than any other country on the planet. Whether were studying, working, or partying, it seems that sleep is something we just don’t have time for. However, the short-term and long-term effects of sleep deprivation can be severe and often counter-productive to your overall goals and ambitions in life.

Whether you’re not sleeping well or not sleeping at all, the implications of sleep deprivation are connected with disease, depression, poor performance, and sluggishness. If you are a working adult, these imperfections in your sleep cycle may ruin your productivity and increase stress in the workplace.

Here are five of the most prominent ways poor sleep may be hindering your productivity.