Does working out at night impede sleep? Stuff, a New Zealand website, asked experts. 

“Exercise in the evening does not disturb sleep and can even promote sleep a little bit,” said exercise science specialist Shawn Youngstedt. “Exercise ending even a half-hour before bedtime does not disturb sleep for most subjects.”

It’s not so much when you exercise that affects sleep but perhaps how consistent you are with your wake time and your sleep time as well as with what you eat and when, Czeisler said.

The idea is to try to keep the interval between your first meal and your last meal of the day on the order of 12 hours or less, according to Czeisler. That means if you’re having breakfast at 8am you don’t want to eat dinner after 8pm In addition, eating a meal after your body begins to release the hormone melatonin, which happens after the sun sets and helps to maintain glucose levels during the night, he said, can interfere with your circadian rhythm, which ultimately has the greatest impact on your sleep.

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