The Tech News provides details on the new clock smartphone app for sleep from Apple available with its iOS 10 update.

Last month the world’s biggest tech company Apple announced its iOS 10 update which is supposed to come on Apple devices this month, however, if you can’t sleep properly or do not get time to have a better sleep then there is a special new clock app coming with the iOS 10 update which doesn’t simply have another dim subject but it additionally has an area called Bedtime, another interpretation of the repeating wake up timer that goes the additional mile by reminding you to go to sleep so you get all the rest you require.

How you can set it up:

It is very basic to set it up, you need to tap on the Bedtime icon and have to inform the app what time you need to awaken every day and how long of a rest you require every night. You can likewise change it so it just chips away at certain days, as weekdays or weekends, to suit your timetable.

Furthermore, in case you’re truly fixated on your rest, you can likewise connect the Bedtime highlight to the Health application and get details on how well you rest. Unlike wearable trackers from FitBit or Jawbone, the element can’t tell whether you get up amidst the night or thrash around in a fretful rest. It just gives you a general picture of to what extent you were resting in view of your Bedtime clock settings.

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