The Huffington Post recently conducted a Q & A with Michael Breus, PhD, on topics such as sleep technology and how to improve sleep.

What are the major challenges Americans face in getting a good night’s sleep today?

I think that there are two major challenges Americans face in getting a good night’s sleep: stress and making sleep a priority. People stress about things going on in their lives, and they also stress about sleep, and both of these make sleep more difficult. When it comes to making sleep a priority, a lot of people engage in sleep procrastination, which is to say they put sleep off, thinking they simply have too much to do to sleep. It’s the I’ll-sleep-when-I’m-dead syndrome. The number one complaint I hear patients say in my office when we talk about an inability to fall asleep is: “Dr. Breus, I can’t turn off my brain”

And it is true. Just think about it for a minute. Throughout your day, you are constantly being bombarded with people asking you questions, expecting you to do things, running non-stop from here to there. But when you get in bed at night, and your turn off the light, and your bed partner is not talking, and you finally have just a little alone time, your brain kicks into overdrive.

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