Sleep tracking apps could in fact be disrupting your shut-eye, according to new research which notes the rise of “orthosomnia”— disrupted sleep resulting from the quest for perfect rest — according to HuffPost UK.

A growing number of people are monitoring and obsessing over their sleep tracker data which, in turn, is keeping them wide-eyed and stressed throughout the night, researchers explained in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. So what can you do to reclaim a good night’s kip? Three sleep experts who’ve witnessed an increase in the problem spoke to HuffPost UK.

Dr Neil Stanley, an independent sleep expert, argues that while orthosomnia might be a “silly word” (‘ortho’ means correct, while ‘somnia’ means sleep), it describes a very real issue. You can’t drift off if you’re stressed – “so if you’re thinking or are worried about sleep itself, then you’re going to have a problem sleeping,” he says.