An abstract from Science Direct examines a research study that focused on the impact of sleep and sleep difficulty on school injuries.

Injuries are frequent and may be caused by sleep difficulty in youth. This study assessed the impact of sleep difficulty on single and repeated school and out-of-school injuries and the confounding role of socioeconomic factors and school, behaviour and health-related difficulties among adolescents. The study population included 1559 middle-school adolescents from north-eastern France (mean age 13.5, SD 1.3) who completed at the end of school year a self-administered questionnaire to gather school and out-of-school injuries during the school year, and to assess sleep difficulty and previous injury risk factors which were socioeconomic factors (family structure, parents’ education, father’s occupation, and family income), school performance, obesity, alcohol/tobacco/cannabis/hard drugs use, health status, psychological health, and involvement-in-violence.

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