A contributor to Romper shares her experiences with co-sleeping.

To be perfectly honest, I could have bed-shared for much longer, simply because I loved how it allowed me to bond with my baby. I loved ending my days and starting my mornings with him snuggled close to my side, and because we were sleeping together, I didn’t wake at his every movement or cry. In fact, it was often my husband who would wake in the night and soothe him back to sleep. While the rogue arms and legs taking over my pillow in the night wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t the worst thing in the world, either.

What wasn’t tolerable, however, was how little alone time I had with my husband because of our bed-sharing situation. It wasn’t simply that our third child slept in our bed: it was that our child needed someone else to sleep next to him to fall asleep. And more often than not, that meant my husband would end up falling asleep with the baby while I stayed up working. And since he usually left for work before I awoke, that meant we had exactly zero minutes alone together each day.

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