In an article for The Huffington Post, writer Amy Packham details her experience tracking her sleep with the S+ by ResMed.

But sleep is pretty important and recently, after reading a tonne of articles confirming this, I’ve tried to focus on getting more sleep per night.

So I decided to do something about it, through the wonders of technology.

I used the S+ by Resmed for four continuous weeks and, as it says on the box, it really did “fix my sleep”.

So what is it?

The S+ is called a “non-contact sleep system” that allows you to analyse (and hopefully improve) how much time you spend in the land of nod each night.

It comes in two parts: a white pod which captures your sleep through sensor technology and an app, paired up to the pod, that analyses the data and gives you your “score” each night out of 100.

The pod is the genius part of the puzzle here. It has to be positioned correctly by your bed so it’s facing your chest with no obstacles in front. The pod can pick up everything including movement, breathing and the environment of your bedroom.

Photo Credit: Amy Packham

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