The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a high fiber, high protein dinner that is low in saturated fat promotes sleep, according to a study.

A lack of sleep makes us more likely to eat energy-dense, carb-heavy foods. But does what we eat make us more or less likely to sleep?

Absolutely, according to a new study by Columbia University.

The researchers took 26 adults who regularly slept between seven and nine hours a night and played around with their diet.

They found that when they ate a high-fibre, higher protein dinner that was lower in saturated fat, the participants fell asleep faster (less than 20 minutes) and spent more time in a deep sleep, which is important for memory, our immune system and is when our bodies truly relax.

When participants ate a meal low in fibre, but high in saturated fat and sugar, it was found they took longer to fall asleep (nearly 30 minutes), had a less restful, deep sleep and were associated with sleep disorder.

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