From sleeping in a group to going to sleep in nothing at all, a report from The Huffington Post examines six interesting sleep habits from around the globe.

1. Japan: Napping To Climb The Corporate Ladder

The Japanese call the cultural tradition of napping on the job inemuri, which means “to be asleep while present.” It’s far from taboo; in fact, it’s meant to broadcast how tired a person is from working hard. One reason for this may be that Japanese people sleep the least of any population in the world, with just 6 hours and 22 minutes per night, on average.

Naps can also make you better at your job. Studies show that napping makes you more creative, alert and focused.

2. United Kingdom: Birthday Suit Pajamas

A full one-third of British people report sleeping naked, which can have a host of health benefits, including better temperature regulation and bonding with your partner.

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