MDT interviews Avner Halperin, the CEO of EarlySense, a company that has come up with it’s own sleep monitoring system, about the technology, what’s unique about it, how it’s improving the lives of many, and the recently introduced OEM version.

Halperin: From its early days over a decade ago, EarlySense has been a “Big Data” company. For example, in hospitals, where manual nursing spot checks create four to six data points per day, EarlySense collects 160,000 data points per day. Advanced algorithms mine that wealth of data to generate valuable, highly accurate health information that leads to clinically proven better outcomes. In the home digital health market, EarlySense brings to bear the expertise developed in hospitals to provide actionable, personalized information on sleep quality and overall wellness, including personalized tips, integration with smart home devices, and the option to indicate a change in condition to a local or remote family member.