A Skyword news report examines the issue of sleep and employee productivity, and offers employers tips on how to help workers “sleep to succeed.”

Research into the science of sleep has proven what most people figure out through life experience: When we don’t get enough shuteye, we’re not our best selves. We aren’t as alert, focused, or creative as we are after a restful night. Instead, we’re crankier, more impatient, and less enthusiastic—about both life and work.

Sleep deprivation comes with a hefty price tag, both for companies and individuals. It costs employers nearly $2,000 per worker each year due to productivity losses, lackluster performance, and safety snafus. Economists from the University of California–San Diego also found that people who don’t sleep well or enough make less money than their peers. In fact, just an extra hour of sleep at night can increase a person’s wages by 16 percent.

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