Dr Michael Davies of Papworth Hospital in the UK tells Cambridge News why it is more difficult to sleep in the summer, including shorter nights during this hot season.

The sun might be shining, but you could be feeling more tired in the hot weather.

New research shows people sleep 20 per cent less through June, July and August – a total of 14 hours per week.

A total of 2,046 adults were quizzed about their sleeping habits in the study by web-blinds.com, with 93 per cent admitting their sleep had been disrupted due to hot weather.

The average person sleeps for just five and a half hours during the summer months, the study found, compared to seven and a half hours in autumn, winter and spring.

Difficulty sleeping in the hot weather, having a more active social life, an increase in alcohol intake, busier work periods and summer-related health issues were named as the top five reasons for sleep deficiency.

However, Dr Michael Davies, from Papworth Hospital, believes shorter nights also affect sleeping patterns.

He said: “The available evidence indicates that adults generally take less sleep during the summer months. It is likely to be due to the fact that the period of darkness, the night, is shorter during the summer months.

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