With New Zealanders setting their clocks back this week, a New Zealand Herald article examines the effects of Daylight Savings Time and how to adjust.

Today might just be the toughest Monday of the year: You’re up an hour earlier, you’ll be hungry for lunch at 11 and come 5pm, you’ll feel like work should have ended an hour ago. Welcome to daylight saving.

For some, none of the above will really register but for others, daylight saving can hit us like mini jet-lag, leaving us feeling out of sorts for several days as we adjust to a new clock.

Here’s why daylight saving can wreak havoc on our mood and sleep, and some tips for getting through the first week of earlier starts.

Spring forward
Setting our clocks forward in spring is a real challenge to our body clock. We will lose an hour rather than repeat it, plus we have to adjust our body clock earlier by an hour; the opposite to its natural tendency.

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