A new survey reveals that a majority of kids do not have a regular bedtime and are losing sleep due to digital devices, reports the Mirror.

Six out of 10 kids get too little sleep – because they’re hooked on tablets and TV.

And almost as many (57%) of two-to-11-year-olds don’t have a regular bedtime.

Digital overload and poor parenting have led to a nationwide crisis in sleeping habits.

Two thirds ( 65%) of children also experience difficulty falling asleep or suffer from sleep problems such as sleep talking or walking, which can further diminish sleep quality .

Four out of 10 have a TV or tablet in their bedroom and almost a quarter (23%) of children do not have a bedtime story.

The survey of 2,064 adults who care for a child aged between 2-11 years, carried out by The Junior Fine Bedding Company, reveals that 57% of children aged two-to-four are getting less than the recommended 11.5 hours sleep a night.

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