Researchers recently investigated whether supplementing with chamomile extract is effective at reducing insomnia in older adults, according to Medical News Bulletin.

Difficulty going to sleep or remaining asleep can cause major disturbances during nightfall.This disturbance in sleep pattern, known as insomnia, can lead to chronic conditions that can affect overall health and lifestyle. The risk of insomnia increases with age, and insomnia is common in those that reside in a nursing home.For instance, in Tehran, Iran, a study reported that 88.4% of nursing home residents suffer from a sleep disturbance; with the most common being dyssomnia and insomnia.

Primary insomnia involves an experience of sleep problems that are not directly associated with problems or health conditions. Secondary insomnia is classified as someone having sleep problems because of a medical condition such as heartburn, hormonal changes, depression, asthma, or cancer. Any continuous disturbance of sleep patterns can lead to feelings of mental and physical disturbance, daytime sleepiness, and lethargy.