A Gizmag report provides details on Neuroon, a smart sleep mask designed to improve sleep quality.

For night shift workers, those who have trouble falling or staying asleep and anyone who’s suffered from jet lag, the makers of a new sleep mask think they have a solution. Resembling a regular sleep mask, the Neuroon is a wireless device that connects to a mobile app to monitor your brain waves, analyze your sleep patterns, and use bright light therapy to supposedly help improve sleep quality.

The Neuroon sleep mask is built around the premise that bright light therapy can help people who have difficulty falling asleep or waking up during normal hours. Studies have shown light therapy’s effectiveness and sleep clinics have been incorporating it since 2014.

Light therapy typically involves lamps that generate faux sunlight directly onto the body at intervals and timing that depend on the individual’s particular sleep situation. In this case, though, the light is in the mask itself, with different combinations of light coming from the white and colored LEDs inside.

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