A Daily O news report examines the positive impact a diet high in calcium can have on sleep.

Quite interestingly for some of us, the most dreadful part of our daily routine is getting a good night’s sleep. Don’t believe? But it is true. A number of my patients complain that despite being exhausted (mentally and physically) beyond imagination, they find it hard to get a sound sleep. Having tried every trick in the book from lighting aroma lamps to chanting mantras to investing in comfy beddings, they toss and turn throughout night but sleep evades them.

Yes, they suffer from chronic insomnia.

Like always, I recommended looking for reasons in their diets, following the thumb rule, “Diet is your therapy”.

A month’s diet log enlightened us all on the missing link. Their diets were grossly deficient in the mineral calcium. Strange? No!

We have scientific evidence, the latest research published in the journal Neurons states that inflow of calcium ions into the nerve cells (neurons) is required to make one sleep. Taking it further, the study says that if calcium ions are pumped out of neurons, you will stay awake.

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