Being sleep deprived can show its unhealthy consequences in public, at the workplace or worse, in front of your employer, according to Business Day.

Before getting to the crucial part of the argument, let’s address that the least damage sleep deprivation can do is make you a tired zombie at work. As most people know from experience, feeling tired or lethargic will result in a fall in your work speed. Not only will you work slowly, but the lack of sleep will begin to mess with your emotions, making you bitter in the morning like a freshly brewed cup of Joe. What’s worse is that a lack of sleep can make you susceptible to sickness because of a weakened immune system.

Let’s get back on track and discuss the potential of sleep deprivation to completely derail your thoughts and emotions. You may begin to feel overly pessimistic and rebellious, or perhaps too positive, neither of which make a healthy recipe for work attitude.