A Bustle news article investigates the interesting things the body does during sleep, including the eyes producing discharge and the shedding of skin cells, and offers suggestion to help curb these issues.

Some fascinating things happen to your body while you’re sleeping: Not only is everything doing a major overhaul (like your brain, your skin, and your organs), but the entire thing slows down, so that you can heal yourself from the inside out. While scientists still don’t know everything there is to know about sleep, they’ve gathered that it’s entirely essential. In fact, without it, people simply drop dead, so all that gross stuff your body does while you’re asleep at night definitely has its purpose.

1. You Produce A Lot Of Gas

Apparently, you’re far more likely to pass gas while you’re sleeping, as the muscles in your sphincter are just as relaxed as the rest of your body. That being said, your sense of smell is nowhere near as powerful while you’re passed out, so no harm, no foul. Just hope your S/O is sleeping, too.

2. You Shed Your Skin Cells All Over Everything

Your skin cells are constantly rejuvenating themselves, but the turnover rate is especially fast while you sleep. Old skin is pushed to the surface by newer cells, which means that every time you use your bed, you’re adding to the build-up of dead skin in your sheets.

Experts suggest washing your sheets at least once a week, and an all-natural before-bed exfoliant like Aria Starr Coconut Milk Body Scrub reduces build-up by removing the layer of old skin with sea salt, and then using healthy oils to encourage new cell turnover.

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