Well and Good gives some advice on how to remodel your bedroom for the summer. 

Wondering how to kick off your hot weather bed revamp? If you can’t swing a full-on overhaul, start small. “Look at your bedding: Are the materials certified-organic, including the pillows, mattress, and linens?  If not, take baby steps to replace these as your budget allows,” Ron suggests.

In the end, he says, the investment will pay off in way more than 40 winks. “Creating a sleep sanctuary is no longer a luxury—it’s a necessity,” Ron says. “We spend one-third of life [sleeping], so it’s essential that [our bed is] a toxic- and technology-free space. Plus, it’s the only time in the day your body and mind can settle, rest, and recuperate.” At least before nap bars become a thing in the States.

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