ResMed, a manufacturer and distributor of sleep and respiratory medical equipment, released results of a clinical study finding that patients’ compliance with sleep therapy increases when using ResMed’s new CPAP device.

The clinical study of 50 patients suffering from sleep apnea showed an improvement of 30 minutes in average daily usage, from a mean of 6 hours 35 minutes on the patient’s usual CPAP device, to 7 hours 5 minutes, when using the new S9 Series, according to information from ResMed.

The ResMed S9 Compliance Study was conducted at the ResMed Sleep Research Centre in Sydney, Australia. The 3-month study comprised three stages: a retrospective study where the patients used their own device for 28 days, followed by 28 days testing S9 in a prospective study, and finally returning to the patient’s own device for 28 more days in a prospective study. 

The purpose of the study was to assess whether compliance is improved by ResMed’s new S9 Series, which features reduced noise, an improved humidification system. and a more comfortable breathing experience. In terms of average daily usage, compliance on the S9 Series was significantly better than compliance on the patient’s own device, both before and after trialling an S9 device.

The study is registered in the clinical trial registry, Identifier: NCT01013207.