SoClean, the CPAP sanitizing device company, was announced as the winner of the Small Business Association of New England (SBANE) Innovation Award at the 2017 New England Innovation Awards Gala. This award is given annually to companies and organizations that transformed innovative idea(s) into a product or service that deliver proven value to customers.

“The SoClean team is honored to be the recipient of such a prestigious award,” says Mike Schmidt, president of SoClean, in a release. “We are committed to raising awareness of sleep apnea so sufferers will seek treatment. Our mission is to educate CPAP users on the importance of cleaning their equipment effectively and regularly. SoClean understands that CPAP users are more likely to continue therapy with an automated process that thoroughly sanitizes the equipment, making it safe for everyday use, and removes the chore of traditional cleaning routines. The team is looking forward to continuing to grow, innovate and bring great products to market.”

SoClean’s natural approach to CPAP cleaning kills 99.9% of device bacteria and germs. To use, place CPAP mask inside the SoClean unit, close the lid, and cleaning is done. SoClean also offers a SoClean 2 Go unit to help clean devices when on the go.

Former winners come from varying fields such as technology, manufacturing, service (both for profit and not for profit), and retail/distribution. Winners include notable companies such as: Staples, Ben & Jerry’s, Brooks Automation, Genzyme, Nantucket Nectars, Imagitas!, Hubspot, and iRobot.