March 20, 2007

The new Hybrid™ CPAP mask, developed by RespCare Inc, Coconut Creek, Fla, is being marketed as another option for patients who enjoy the benefits of C-Flex/EPR and bilevel devices. According to a press release from RespCare, most users of conventional CPAP (especially at pressures exceeding 10-12 cm H2O) find the pressure hard to exhale against. Hence, their natural reaction is to leak air through their mouth to relieve this somewhat. C-Flex/EPR machines were developed to make exhalation easier, and bilevel machines allow the user to exhale against a lower pressure. However, C-Flex/EPR and bilevel machines can be costly, RespCare says. The new Hybrid CPAP mask now offers an alternative to C-Flex/EPR and bilevel machines, as a comfortable, effective dual airway mask that can allow for mouth leaking, the company says.