ResMed Corp, San Diego, introduces the new Swift FX nasal pillows system, the latest in the company’s line of nasal interfaces for use in the treatment of sleep apnea. The Swift FX is designed to maintain a strong seal while enabling freedom of movement and various sleeping positions.
“Mask comfort is essential to CPAP compliance, and comfort is comprised of multiple factors. Proper fit, a strong seal, a soft touch, and an unobtrusive appearance all have a role in the overall user experience,” says Bernadette McBrearty, Sr Product Director. “Sleeping with the Swift FX helps patients focus less on the mask and more on how great it feels to get healthy sleep.”

The Swift FX features a sliding buckle at the top of the head and Velcro side straps. The mask, which features silicone headgear, is designed with very few parts to improve assembly and cleaning.

“The chief advancement with the Swift FX is that the headgear is now made of a soft, pliable silicone material that gently cushions the face,” says McBrearty. “We believe this mask will have instant appeal.”
The Swift FX comes packaged with three cushion sizes—small, medium, and large—fitting up to 95% of users. An extra small cushion size is also available separately for users with petite noses.
The pliable silicone headgear molds to the contours of the face to maintain a stable seal, and the rotating tube adjusts freely so as not to disturb the user when turning over or shifting. A specialized vent design makes therapy delivery quiet, and a soft narrow cushion enhances comfort for side sleepers. ResMed also offers optional soft wraps to provide additional cushioning if desired.

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