NorthEast Monitoring Inc, Maynard, Mass, has partnered with
KCI Technology and Services Inc, facilitating the introduction of the
OxyHolter—a combination recorder for Holter and pulse oximetry produced by
NorthEast Monitoring—into the sleep analysis market.
“We expect this technology to become the diagnostic tool of choice across a
wide range of specialty areas, among them sleep labs, ENT, otolaryngology,
respiratory therapy, cardiology and pulmonology,” said Scott Winick,
director of sales and marketing for NorthEast Monitoring.
From a business point of view, KCI will function as one of NorthEast’s more
than 25 Channel Partners worldwide. The partnership means that KCI will have
an exclusive charter to sell the OxyHolter in the US; possess an installed
base of Holter gear from non-NorthEast sources that lends itself readily to
an upgrade to NorthEast’s Holter and Event product line; and have
relationships with a number of key clinical labs in the United States.

In September 2007, shortly after this announcement, NorthEast formally
severed its relationship with KCI and ceased any and all activity with them
as a business partner. NorthEast obtained FDA approval for LX Sleep in
December 2008 and continues to market it through its Channel Partners and
other OEM relationships.  No further information on KCI is available at this