Health 2.0 and the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) announced their partnership to present the inaugural Sleep Technology Summit & Expo at the 9th Annual Health 2.0 Conference, on October 6-7, 2015 in Santa Clara, Calif. The summit presented by NSF’s Sleep Technology Council will bring together sleep experts and innovators to discuss and showcase the latest advances in consumer sleep technology.

The rapidly growing consumer technology space—including wearable technology, smart sensors, and big data collection—is changing the landscape of the global sleep-aid market, estimated to hit $76.7 billion by 2019, according to BCC Research.

“Innovation abounds in sleep technology, as more and more consumers around the world bring sleep tracking devices into the bedroom on their wrists or on their beds,” says David Cloud, CEO of NSF, in a release. “Sleep is as vital to health and wellness as fitness and diet, so new technologies that help users understand and improve their sleep will have an enormous impact on overall consumer health. We’re excited to bring the innovators in sleep technology together to discuss what’s next.”

Matthew Holt, co-founder of Health 2.0, says, “Health 2.0 has delved into sleep health in previous years with panel discussions and product demos. But given how quickly the sleep technology space is evolving, we’re thrilled to partner with the National Sleep Foundation to present a deeper dive under the covers to offer attendees a first look at the technologies breaking new ground for sleep and explore the evolving global investment landscape for sleep technology.”

The summit will feature meaningful discussion among the leading thinkers and innovators in sleep that will give attendees a better understanding regarding which new ideas will create value for consumers as well as businesses who are looking to innovate in the sleep technology space. There will also be a dedicated pavilion in the Health 2.0 exhibit hall that will feature some of the most exciting sleep health technologies coming to market.