NovaSom Inc has appointed Michael Coppola, MD, chief medical officer and vice president of medical affairs.

Joining NovaSom’s Executive Committee, Coppola will be leading the development of best clinical practices and provide the benefit of his OSA thought leadership for future product and service development. In addition, he will guide NovaSom’s outreach to specialty and primary care providers, sleep centers, payors, employers, medical societies, and advocacy organizations to drive the adoption of cost-effective sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment in an effort to reduce the high number of undiagnosed Americans living with the condition.

“NovaSom has established itself as the leader in home sleep testing and I am very pleased to join the executive team,” Coppola said. “NovaSom’s home sleep testing technology platform enables convenient, cost-effective diagnostic solutions that ensure highly accurate outcomes necessary to appropriately treat this heavily undiagnosed patient population. It has never been more important to expand diagnostic capacity than now, as we confront this massive epidemic and its heavy burden on the health care system.”